Random Links

Stuff that caught my eye in the past few days:

  • A Colt presentation regarding plastic shell casings (HT David Hardy).  Not sure if they’re really the equal of brass in every way but weight, but if so, they sure would’ve been nice to have when I was lugging 7-10 M-16 mags around the Iraqi desert.
  • Volokh explains religious accommodation law WRT Muslims.  I wonder if any religious groups are regretting their initial support for such laws.
  • Anonymous goes up against Amazon.com, and loses (HT Megan McArdle).  I found this snickerworthy.
  • Roger Alford reminds us that the Pentagon Papers case was about prior restraints, not post-publication prosecution.  Having skimmed the opinions in that case, I’m not sure I share Alford’s conclusion that a “majority” of the Court would’ve sustained such prosecutions, but at least four of the justices (White, Stewart, Marshall, and Blackmun) do appear to have been sympathetic towards them.
  • America’s Finest News Source regarding Elena Kagan, Jan Brewer, Terry Jones, & Glenn Beck.

One Response to “Random Links”

  1. 1. WRT metal vs. plastic shell casings, from my experience with cameras, I know that there were some very early thermosetting plastics that were damn near the equal of metals in terms of durability…though they were, of course, somewhat brittle if handled improperly. God only knows what they’re coming up with these days, though given that the casing needs to both contain and direct the force generated by the vigorous combustion of the propellent (I’ve heard that it’s not actually an explosion, though to my mind, the distinction isn’t all that substantial) and keep its shape so that the extractor can kick it out of the weapon, I’m not sure that a plastic could stand up to that sort of abuse. Then again, I’m no expert in plastics, so I’m sure somewhere, some mad scientist genius has figured out something revolutionary…

    2. Anonymous vs. an organization that has such massive server capacity that it *sells* server space as a “side business” – yeah, that went well. I suppose someone should’ve mentioned to Anonymous that unless they marshalled the combined force of damn near every single person who’s EVER shopped online, they *might* have had a chance of beating Amazon…only, Amazon’s already got all of those guys on their side!

    3. The Onion. Hehehe. It’s good to know that someone out there still has a sense of humor about these sorts of things!

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