Random Links on Various Topics

Jack Balkin suggests, tongue-in-cheek, that McDonald v. Chicago‘s constitutional holding was unnecessary.  Sasha Volokh disagrees.  David Post, meanwhile, wonders what McDonald really held (if anything).

Tom Goldstein explains why everything you read about SCOTUS & ideology is wrong.

Jack Goldsmith laments the politicization of the judicial appointment process.

Peter Spiro discusses US v. Arizona.  Twice.

Eugene Volokh explains why CLS v. Martinez was rightly decided.

Balkin & Carpenter being unimpressed by the recent federal district court decisions striking down part of DOMA.

Randy Barnett expresses skepticism regarding the constitutionality of state nullification.

Calculated Risk highlights a newly-released NY Fed staff report re. shadow banking.

Someone emails Jerry Pournelle, pointing out that the “Fury of the Legions” passage is probably a fake.  Glad I included a disclaimer in my post on that piece….

Finally, apropos Steve’s post below, James Hamilton discusses (in two parts) the possible causal relationship between high oil prices & the Great Recession.  And Pournelle makes the case for mild protectionism.


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