In re the Austin IRS Incident

1.  It seems this guy was a chronic tax avoider.  Color me unsympathetic.

2.  On the topic of tax avoidance, see this article:  Ten Tax Protestor Claims To Avoid.

3.  Those curious about the tax code provision may want to peruse this comment thread over at the TaxProf Blog.

4.  More relevant links from the TaxProf Blog.

5.  Title-of-the-day award goes to this post at the Tax Policy Blog:  Austin Suicide Pilot Allegedly Upset By Denial of Ind. Contractor Status to Non-Ind. Contractors.

6.  One reason we need to simplify our tax system.

7.  Reading the perp’s complaints regarding the recent wave of bailouts makes me wonder whether I’m the only guy left in the country who’s even vaguely sympathetic to Bernanke, Paulson, & Geithner.  Hmmm…maybe they should’ve taken the do-nothing approach back in Sept. ’08.  Tough on the rest of the country, but at least it would’ve shut up the latter-day liquidationists for a generation or so.

8.  I honestly don’t know if tea-party rhetoric was a contributing factor in this case.  Looking at his suicide note, it seems his issues w/ the IRS/government date back many years.  My SWAG is that he already had all the necessary impetus to do what he did; anything the tea partiers might’ve said would’ve been mere icing on the cake.  That said, as I previously noted WRT the prolife movement:  anyone using sufficiently extreme rhetoric should consider incidents like this a cost of doing business.


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