Dept. of Unintended SF References, BSW Edition

Thanks, apparently, to Gen. Abizaid, it seems “Long War” is now the officially-approved replacement for “(Global) War on Terror”.  Although, given my druthers, we’d have adopted Pournelle’s phrase, “Black September War” (despite the historical ambiguity associated therewith), I suppose “Long War” is an improvement over its predecessor.  I never much cared for the latter; just never sat right with me.  Plus, GWOT sounds like a synonym for regurgitation.

OTOH…was I the only one who noticed the disturbing allusion to Kim Stanley Robinson’s Years of Rice and Salt?  Color me overly-sensitive, but I don’t find the notion of a multi-decade war with the Islamic world, which bleeds all sides white, and is ended only by the firebombing of the Dar al-Islam, to be terribly reassuring….

Here’s hoping Gen. Abizaid’s allusion was unintentional.  As much fun as a real-life Century War might be….

Aside:  Here’s an interesting essay on the history, and current practice (as of 1995), of naming operations.


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