Treasury Rout & Inflation

The recent rise in long-term Treasury rates prompted lots of commentary.  A selection:

Front linesJohn Jansen, Accrued Interest.

Bearish (i.e., herald of a rollover crisis):  Yves Smith, The Economist, Niall Ferguson.

(For those concerned about such things, this post explains what a rollover crisis is, along with its probable effects; the comments thread of said post also contains an interesting exchange between Delong & Roubini.)

Setser on the Foreign CB Aspect: [1][2]

Stagflation danger:

Bullish (i.e., higher long-term rates = return of confidence):  Models & Agents, Martin Wolf

On the Fence:  Duy, Setser, McArdle [1][2][3].

Inflation v. Deflation: Related was the debate over whether inflation or deflation was more likely in the future.

Accrued Interest [1][2][3][4]; Tim Duy; Ed Harrison; Andy Harless; Paul Krugman; Felix Salmon; Econompic Data.


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