Random Links LI

Tanta on Option ARMs (Again): Spreadsheets for analyzing Option ARMs.

Electric Power Competition in Lubbock:




Interesting.  Given that vertical integration may well be the optimal form of organization in the electricity business, allowing competition between wire companies seems a prerequisite for establishing a viable free market in electricity.

China Junk Loans: Perhaps someone in Beijing has been reading Pettis & Shih.

Duy on Green Shoots:



NGDP Futures Targeting:





EU Transport Stats:

Interesting how cars accounted for the bulk of motorized travel in all EU countries.  Also interesting to compare Fig. 1 with Table 1-37 of BTS’s National Transportation Statistics.  I wonder how much Europe’s lower per-capita driving habits are the result of high gas prices (vs. geography or some other factor).  I’d like to think that gas prices are the primary reason; since, if that’s the case, then an “easy” route to oil independence would be to simply jack up domestic oil prices (e.g., via taxation), and let the free market conserve our way to energy independence.

Ave Maria Town & Disenfranchisement:




Whiskey Tango Fox, over.  One wonders what the developer (and Florida’s government) was thinking.

Rollover Crisis Watch: The non-trivial risks of massive government debt.

Bankruptcy Upsides: Why having a bankruptcy system beats the alternative.  Even if it means coddling deadbeats.

AfPak: Interesting, and not terribly encouraging.  Ali’s take on corruption is worth contrasting with Kling’s.

Frannie Liquidation: Encouraging.  I’d much rather see the massive systemic risks of the GSEs killed off for good.

Gender Gap: Why it may pay off for women to think more like men.


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