Random Links L

Paleolithic DietWhy today’s “paleolithic diet” may not match that of yesteryear. 

Tunguska:  When Comets AttackSo a comet-borne fuel-air-explosive might’ve caused Tunguska.  Interesting…. 

Bank Failures & Private Equity: 




Too bad, really, since the banks really do need recapitalization.  Pesky conflicts of interest…. 

iTouch & the Legions: 


How the iTouch caught on in the military. 

Man & NatureI’m reminded of this line from The Mote in God’s Eye:  “…the physical features of Mote Prime are of some interest, particularly to ecologists concerned with the effects of intelligent life on planetography…”. 

Double Jeopardy & Juror #6: 



Apparently judges can base sentences upon charges of which a convict was acquitted.  Weird…and a bit disturbing…. 

Curse of the Class of 2009“Economic research shows that the consequences of graduating in a downturn are long-lasting. They include lower earnings, a slower climb up the occupational ladder and a widening gap between the least- and most-successful grads.”

Household Deleveraging: 



Behavioral Economics & Financial RegulationExploiting the former to improve the latter. 

Defining Away Obesity“with obesity now ubiquitous people have defined “heavy” as the new normal in human physiology, thus making it no longer a problem worth reporting. A lovely example of defining things away.”

Postmodern Dating, Fiscal Opposites Edition

“…surveys of married adults suggest that opposites attract when it comes to emotional reactions toward spending. That is, “tightwads,” who generally spend less than they would ideally like to spend, and “spendthrifts,” who generally spend more than they would ideally like to spend, tend to marry each other.”

Stressing FrannieWhile it’s certainly worthwhile to worry about Frannie’s risks, it’s unclear to me how Frannie’s prime book matches up against the stress-tested banks’ ones.  Only if their mortgage books are sufficiently similar (e.g., same proportions of mortgages originated during the crap underwriting years of 2004-2007) can one apply the same loss projections. 

Credit Card Bank WritedownsUnsurprising. 

GM BKWhy GM may find bankruptcy more difficult than Chrysler. 

More Interest on Reserves: 



How Planets Lose Their Atmosphere


One Response to “Random Links L”

  1. WRT Redefining Obesity:
    “And, uh, w-when exactly did all this happen?”
    “When we rewrote the dictionary.”

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