Random Links XXXXI




Evolution of Cooperation: Reconciling altruism w/ evolutionary theory

AGW & Agriculture:


  • Connection between US & world food prices can be broken via limitations on US exports.
  • US food exports also provide a buffer; in the event of food shortages caused by AGW-induced declines in US crop yields, we can simply cut off exports, and (hopefully) retain enough food to keep ourselves from starving.
  • Controlled Environment Agriculture, with both hydroponic-induced yield increases, as well as enablement of temperature controls (important in a warming world) may be helpful in keeping US crop yields up despite AGW.

Disestablishing Environmentalism: An essay reminiscent of my “Established State Church of Environmentalism” (which, incidentally, was written over two years prior…).

War & Networks: Big war vs. competent imperialism.


E-bombs:  http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg20227026.200-aircraft-could-be-brought-down-by-diy-ebombs.html

Hacking the Electrical Grid:  http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123914805204099085.html

Testosterone Poisoning: Apparently a male-only problem…what a surprise….

Moral Courage: Civilizations have the morality & ethics that they can afford.  So also do individuals.

In Defense of Pirates: Apparently, they were not only robbers, but also “early experimenters with some of the modern world’s most cherished values, such as liberty, democracy, and equality.”

Saving the Honeybee: Hunting for the cause of Colony Collapse Disorder.

Self Defense & Active Shooters: Why the latter needn’t render the former impossible.

Critiquing COIN: Perhaps a full-fledge reorientation of the US military towards counterinsurgency may be overrated.

Why Bail Out Life Insurers

Ceres & Space Colonization

Jeffersonian Anti-Piracy

Why Good Friday is a Stock Market Holiday

Romance Novels as Countercyclical Assets

Postmodern Dating, Sugar Daddy Edition


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