Random Links XXXVI

Globally-Coordinated Fiscal Stimulus:




Setser on the AIG Bailout:  CDS enabled institutions worldwide to shed risk…onto a single point-failure source:  AIG.

Bread & Circuses, Price Controls Edition: TANSTAAFL

Former Marine / Ex-Marine: A columnist using the latter term gets more than he bargained for….

Nanocups: “Light-bending metamaterial could lead to superlenses, invisibility cloaks.”

Truth Machine Watch: Not sure this is yet ready for prime-time, but still interesting….

Limits to Offshoring: Of course, I still think tariffs are a good idea….

Overrated TALF & Quantitative Easing: Failure of the former may lead to more of the latter.

Wolfram Alpha: AKA Google for Factual Questions

Shovel Ready vs. Bureaucracy: Hence my support for liberalizing procurement rules (as was done w/ the I-35W rebuilding) on stimulus-funded infrastructure spending.

Crisis Causes: He misses the political popularity of “broadening homeownership” as a possible reason for why regulators failed to crack down on the overallocation of capital to housing; but otherwise, a pretty good analysis.

Dark Energy & Colossal Voids

“Cosmologists may not actually need to invoke exotic forms of energy [to explain why the universe appears to be expanding at an accelerated rate]. If we live in an emptier-than-average region of space, then the cosmic expansion rate varies with position, which could be mistaken for a variation in time, or acceleration.”  It’d be interesting if the notion of “dark energy” was merely the result of category error resulting from the Copernican principle….

Altruism, Punishment, & Cheaters

“Because selfishness undermines altruism, altruists certainly have an incentive to punish cheaters—a widespread behavior pattern known as altruistic punishment. But cheaters, Eldakar realized, also have reason to punish cheaters…: a group with too many cheaters does not have enough altruists to exploit….”

QE & Competitive Devaluation

Despite the absence of the global coordination WRT monetary stimulus (which would be ideal), the mechanism of competitive devaluations could nevertheless produce in worldwide inflation & monetary stimulus.

Technology & Women’s Lib

“Fridges and washing machines liberated women” – I wonder what the feminists think….

Liberal Originalism

“…close attention to “text and history” leads to progressive results…conservative renditions of original meaning have been too cramped. […] If a commitment to originalism means anything, however, it should mean letting the chips fall where they may with respect to results.”

A development all originalists should welcome.

Origins of Consciousness:

Tanta on Mortgage Fraud

Constantly Progressive Taxation


2 Responses to “Random Links XXXVI”

  1. Quick WTF?!? though WRT rent controls in New York: why does someone who makes $260K a year qualify for rent control?!? Does not compute…

  2. I have no idea how NYC rent controls work.

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