Random Piracy Links

Now that the Somalian pirates story is no longer headline news, I suppose I might as well post something on the topic. 

Volokh Conspiracy had an interesting post analogizing piracy to terrorism.  Other recentVC posts on the topic can be found here – including a series of excerpts from a recent paper by Eugene Kontorovich analyzing the difficulties associated with prosecuting pirates in US courts.  Reading Kontorovich’s essay, I found myself almost wishing for the (long lost) days when pirates were subject to summary execution upon capture. 

David Hardy has been following the “Deterring piracy via armed crews” meme; see, e.g., here, here, here, & here.  I confess I haven’t thought much about the idea; at first glance, it seems viable so long as the pirates’ MO doesn’t change. 

There’s also this fascinating comment thread re. how easy would it be for pirates to blow up tankers?  (Short answer:  harder than one might think.) 

Humor:  A pirate-hunting vacation.


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