Random Links XXII

Oil Tariffs:


I do favor oil tariffs similar to Blodget’s proposed gas tax (i.e., not a set amount, but adjusted over time to be the difference between the market price and a given price floor).  But I favor them not as a means of raising revenue, but rather as a means of establishing a price floor.  If oil importers raise their prices to be just below the set price floor, that might deprive the US government of revenue, but the price floor would remain – which is the important thing.  Who gets the money from the high (imported) oil prices resulting from such a tax is less important to me than the existence of such prices – since it is higher oil prices (not federal revenue from an oil tariff or gas tax) that are necessary to spur conservation & alternative domestic sources of energy.

Detroit Decline & Fall:


St. George Tucker Lecture Notes:


Men against fire:


Science & Replication:



It would be deeply worrisome if the “Hockey Stick” were the rule, not the exception….

Biotech & Crop Research:


Perhaps we should mandate licensing of seeds, etc. to researchers, as a condition of patent rights.

Entitlement of the Cognitive Elite:



Incompetence of the Jedi:


Prosper.com Meets Mortgage Lending:


Real-Life YoSaffBridge:



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