Random Links XI

Unemployment training:

College edition:  http://accounting.smartpros.com/x64268.xml

High school edition:  http://www.ednews.org/articles/10474/1/Unemployment-Training-The-Ideology-of-Non-Work-Learned-in-Urban-Schools/Page1.html

“Smart Guns” vs. EMP:


George Friedman on “The Next Hundred Years”:


Partisanship & Blindness:


I learned this lesson – the non-correlation of ideology with decency & character – back in college, when I learned how to be friends with those whom I strongly disagreed with.

Mixed-Use Malls:


Private Student Loan Problems:


My solution:

1.  Better disclosure requirements.  E.g., a Truth-in-Lending box as with credit cards.  Include max. possible interest rate, a plot of the index rate over the last few decades (giving a student some idea of just how high rates could go); whether the loan is fixed or adjustable rate; etc.

2.  A class to all potential student borrowers re. fixed vs. adjustable rate, compound interest, amortization, how to calculate monthly payments, how payments break down into principal & interest, etc.  Also on the differences between federal & private student loans.

If these students are smart enough to get into college, they’re smart enough to understand amortization calculations.

Drought & Civil Conflict:


No civilization is more than three meals away from collapse.

ID’ing genes responsible for the Spanish flu’s lethality:


Scientific evidence of Everlasting Love:


Two things I found notable:

1) The cynicism of the researchers (cynicism, I might add, that I’d probably share in the absence of countervailing evidence); and 2) the fact that the researchers’ cynicism was proven wrong (at least for this particular sample).

State & local tax progressivity:


(Something to remember next time Republicans/conservatives/libertarians point out how progressive the federal tax system is.)


http://www.all-creatures.org/humor/dogcatdiary.html (And yet I prefer cats – go figure.)

Why we need more toll roads:



FHLB Downfallhttp://www.calculatedriskblog.com/2009/01/federal-home-loan-bank-of-seattle.html

Legitimizing Mythshttp://www.jerrypournelle.com/alt.mail/altmail5.html#myth

Gun Buybacks as Gun Owner Subsidy:


“Gun buybacks are a great subsidy to gun owners. Everyone has a junker or two that’s beyond repair and unsalable. You can still get $50-100 for it! […] A gun dealer sold all his junkers to his employees, and they went around turning them in, and netting a nice profit as their bonus.”  Heh.

Innocence + Wrongful Conviction = Harsher Sentence:



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