Feeling My Age….

Am I the only one who feels old after reading this post?

Money quote:

“I titled an earlier piece ICBM Ben and received some correspondence from younger readers (I guess) who do not remember the Cold War and the missile gap.” [emphasis added]

Granted, I only know the missile gap from history, but I was alive for part of the Cold War, and I certainly knew what an ICBM was.  Also IRBM, MRBM, SRBM, SLBM…of course, this may also be a function of how much of a nerd I was….


One Response to “Feeling My Age….”

  1. You forgot SLCM, ALCMs, and SRAMs (though I guess that third one might be excused, since we were the only country that deployed that type of missile).

    And yeah, I think your knowledge of said acronyms is primarily a function of your being a nerd. Just sayin.

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