“That’s one hell of a security breach!”

Reading this article bought to mind this exchange, from an episode of the short-lived TV series “Crusade“:

Capt. Gideon: According to reports, our subject downloaded all the important knowledge of his race onto a series of high compression data crystals and then…took off….

Max Eilerson: That’s one hell of a security breach!

Over the years, the Congressional Research Service – Congress’s own in-house think tank – has produced thousands of reports on a wide variety of topics. Although these oft-sought-after publications are technically in the public domain, public access to them has thus far been limited by Congressional & CRS policy. Well, apparently last week some kind soul finally tired of such limitations, and handed over the entire corpus of such CRS reports to Wikileaks…which promptly dumped them onto the ‘Net.

I am truly impressed.

(HT: Angry Bear)


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